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ID Host Opponent Format Comment Date
239488245 Briar_moss Lack_of_talent Penny Dreadful PDS vs lack of talent 22 minutes ago
239487280 Briar_moss Eshakez Penny Dreadful PDS R3 vs briar_moss 1 hour ago
239486366 Briar_moss wiltay0494 Penny Dreadful PDS vs BRIAR_MOSS 2 hours ago
239485729 Briar_moss cody_ Penny Dreadful PDS R1 vs Briar_moss 2 hours ago
239474758 Briar_moss 4423 Penny Dreadful PD test 15 hours ago
239474471 Briar_moss Penny Dreadful PD test 16 hours ago
239474469 Briar_moss xqby Penny Dreadful PD test 16 hours ago
239427232 Briar_moss SomeDudeMarc Penny Dreadful PDM vs Somedudemarc 2 days ago
239426419 Briar_moss Torres6 Penny Dreadful PDM vs torres6 2 days ago
239425735 Briar_moss TheRagingKey Penny Dreadful PDM vs ragingkey 2 days ago
239425121 Briar_moss Torres6 Penny Dreadful PD R3 vs FBriar_moss 2 days ago
239424290 Briar_moss ThyShuffler Penny Dreadful PDT Round 2 vs Briar_moss 2 days ago
239423547 Briar_moss Lack_of_talent Penny Dreadful PDM vs lack of talent 2 days ago
239362254 Briar_moss reidster Penny Dreadful PDM vs Reidster 5 days ago
239361078 Briar_moss ribbonsofnight Penny Dreadful PDM vs Ribbonsofnight 5 days ago
239360195 Briar_moss Blue_Man7 Penny Dreadful PDM R2 vs. Briar_Moss 5 days ago
239359288 Briar_moss schwift_justice Penny Dreadful pdm r1 vs briar_moss 5 days ago
238890112 Briar_moss ThyShuffler Penny Dreadful PDM vs thyshuffler 3 weeks ago
238889213 Briar_moss Zzzian Penny Dreadful PDM zzzizian 3 weeks ago
238888382 Briar_moss EDLOjutai Penny Dreadful PDM R3 vs Briarmoss 3 weeks ago