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ID Host Opponent Format Comment Date
249346806 Honorbound84 Garcia_Edu Penny Dreadful PD R3 vs. Garcia_Edu 13 minutes ago
249346793 TheWatchWander Folpip Penny Dreadful PD TheWatchWander 13 minutes ago
249346785 jem2291 Saido11 Penny Dreadful PD R2 Plrt 12 minutes ago
249346777 Shadowater0 Grecia Penny Dreadful pd grecia 13 minutes ago
249346771 ThyShuffler BirdsAndBees Penny Dreadful PDS R3 Vs. ThyShuffler 13 minutes ago
249346761 Piruvato Retilout Penny Dreadful pd league 9 minutes ago
249346760 Murpady Plrt Penny Dreadful PD VS MURPADY 15 minutes ago
249346511 satyrsith FujinBlaze Penny Dreadful PD League 23 minutes ago
249346428 Datacorn Garcia_Edu Penny Dreadful PD League 26 minutes ago
249346306 Piruvato kingkrlpawn Penny Dreadful pd league 34 minutes ago
249346109 ThiGuyAgain365164 jem2291 Penny Dreadful PD round 2 vs jem2291 44 minutes ago
249346102 Garcia_Edu TheWatchWander Penny Dreadful pd r2 vs the watchwander 43 minutes ago
249346097 ThyShuffler Shadowater0 Penny Dreadful pd thyshuffler 45 minutes ago
249346096 Honorbound84 Grecia Penny Dreadful PD R2 vs. Grecia 45 minutes ago
249346093 Mosan1o BirdsAndBees Penny Dreadful PDS R2 Vs. Mosan1o 45 minutes ago
249346084 Murpady DL23 Penny Dreadful PD vs. Murpady 46 minutes ago
249346076 Plrt Folpip Penny Dreadful PD VS FOLPIP 46 minutes ago
249345980 Datacorn satyrsith Penny Dreadful PD League 48 minutes ago
249345872 AJ_Impy -DiamondDust- Legacy Tribal Apocalypse Round 3 vs -DiamondDust- 56 minutes ago
249345858 ThyShuffler Takeoutree Legacy Tribal vs Takeoutree Bring on the horned beast! 56 minutes ago