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[Time] 1713232263
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[11:51:38] crisis_in_a_jar chooses to play first.
[11:51:38] crisis_in_a_jar chooses [Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca] as their commander.
[11:51:38] HuckleBuck chooses [Yusri, Fortune's Flame] as their commander.
[11:51:38] EverythingIsK chooses [Azami, Lady of Scrolls] as their commander.
[11:51:38] Caelesetos chooses [Aragorn, the Uniter] as their commander.
[11:51:49] crisis_in_a_jar mulligans to seven cards.
[11:52:09] HuckleBuck begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[11:52:23] Caelesetos has conceded from the game.
[11:52:23] Caelesetos loses the game.
[11:52:23] Caelesetos is now a watcher.
[11:52:23] crisis_in_a_jar has lost connection to the game.
[11:52:23] Caelesetos has stopped watching.
[11:52:24] HuckleBuck has conceded from the game.
[11:52:25] HuckleBuck loses the game.
[11:52:25] HuckleBuck is now a watcher.
[11:52:25] HuckleBuck has stopped watching.
[11:53:34] CapsLock42 has started watching.
[11:57:13] EverythingIsK has lost the game due to inaction.
[11:57:13] crisis_in_a_jar wins the game.
Winner: crisis_in_a_jar
Game 1 Completed.