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Game 870493198

[Time] 1709449661
[18:07:41] PDBot has started watching.
[18:07:41] Plrt joined the game.
[18:07:44] Plrt begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[18:07:44] Turn 1: Plrt
[18:07:47] Plrt plays [Island].
[18:07:49] Plrt discards [Lonely Sandbar].
[18:07:49] Plrt cycles [Lonely Sandbar].
[18:07:52] Turn 2: Plrt
[18:07:53] Plrt plays [Mountain].
[18:07:55] Turn 3: Plrt
[18:07:56] Plrt plays [Island].
[18:07:58] Turn 4: Plrt
[18:08:00] Plrt plays [Cascade Bluffs].
[18:08:14] Turn 5: Plrt
[18:08:22] Plrt casts [Crackling Drake].
[18:08:23] [CHAT] PDBot: [sU]Crackling Drake[sU] has a graphical bug.
Creatures with variable power and toughness such as Crackling Drake are not correctly updated in the reveal zone.
[18:08:24] Plrt puts triggered ability from [Crackling Drake] onto the stack (When Crackling Drake enters the battlefield, draw a card.).
[18:08:26] Plrt draws a card with [Crackling Drake]'s ability.
[18:08:28] Plrt plays [Island].
[18:08:32] Turn 6: Plrt
[18:08:36] Plrt plays [Shivan Reef].
[18:08:46] Plrt casts [Pestermite].
[18:08:52] Plrt has conceded from the game.
[18:08:52] Plrt loses the game.
[18:08:52] Plrt has lost connection to the game.
Game 1 Completed.