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[Time] 1709251657
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[11:08:01] [CHAT] NimbleThroatPunch: glhf
[11:08:30] Mauzzi chooses to play first.
[11:08:34] [CHAT] Mauzzi: glhf
[11:08:36] Mauzzi mulligans to six cards.
[11:08:38] NimbleThroatPunch begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[11:08:39] Mauzzi mulligans to five cards.
[11:08:49] Mauzzi puts two cards on the bottom of their library and begins the game with five cards in hand.
[11:08:49] Turn 1: Mauzzi
[11:08:49] Mauzzi skips their draw step.
[11:08:52] Mauzzi plays [Sheltered Thicket].
[11:08:56] Turn 1: NimbleThroatPunch
[11:08:58] NimbleThroatPunch plays [Forest].
[11:08:59] NimbleThroatPunch casts [Birds of Paradise].
[11:09:03] Turn 2: Mauzzi
[11:09:09] Mauzzi plays [Evolving Wilds].
[11:09:18] Turn 2: NimbleThroatPunch
[11:09:20] NimbleThroatPunch plays [Graven Cairns].
[11:09:36] [CHAT] Mauzzi: wait, are you toodlesdc?
[11:09:36] NimbleThroatPunch casts [Migloz, Maze Crusher].
[11:09:41] [CHAT] NimbleThroatPunch: nope
[11:09:44] [CHAT] NimbleThroatPunch: ooh what 
[11:09:46] [CHAT] NimbleThroatPunch: wrong game
[11:09:47] [CHAT] Mauzzi: oh sorry
[11:09:47] [CHAT] NimbleThroatPunch: my b
[11:09:54] [CHAT] Mauzzi: all good
[11:09:55] NimbleThroatPunch has conceded from the game.
[11:09:55] Mauzzi wins the game.
[11:09:55] NimbleThroatPunch has lost connection to the game.
Winner: Mauzzi
Game 1 Completed.