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[03:36:43] PDBot has started watching.
[03:36:43] ILikedMyName joined the game.
[03:36:52] ILikedMyName chooses to play first.
[03:36:52] ILikedMyName chooses [Queen Kayla bin-Kroog] as their commander.
[03:36:52] CrabEmoji chooses [Jodah, the Unifier] as their commander.
[03:36:53] 8BitAvenger chooses [Frodo, Sauron's Bane] as their commander.
[03:36:53] EternalParadox38 chooses [Sythis, Harvest's Hand] as their commander.
[03:36:56] [CHAT] PDBot: [sR]Jodah, the Unifier[sR] is not legal in Penny Dreadful.
[03:36:56] [CHAT] ILikedMyName: glhf guys
[03:37:06] ILikedMyName begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[03:37:09] [CHAT] 8BitAvenger: hey crab, you a Penny Dreadful player from the discord?
[03:37:30] [CHAT] ILikedMyName: oh shit
[03:37:35] [CHAT] CrabEmoji: ohshit did I mess something up
[03:37:40] [CHAT] CrabEmoji: is this not normal commander>
[03:37:42] [CHAT] 8BitAvenger: yeah it's all good tho
[03:37:44] [CHAT] 8BitAvenger: it's not
[03:37:50] [CHAT] CrabEmoji: oh sorry guys I can leave
[03:37:51] [CHAT] 8BitAvenger: we're playing with a specific list of cards
[03:37:54] [CHAT] 8BitAvenger: pennydreadful.com
[03:37:57] 8BitAvenger has conceded from the game.
[03:37:58] 8BitAvenger loses the game.
[03:37:58] 8BitAvenger is now a watcher.
[03:37:58] 8BitAvenger has stopped watching.
[03:37:59] [CHAT] CrabEmoji: woops
[03:38:01] [CHAT] ILikedMyName: dunno if i care
[03:38:02] CrabEmoji has conceded from the game.
[03:38:03] CrabEmoji loses the game.
[03:38:03] CrabEmoji is now a watcher.
[03:38:05] [CHAT] ILikedMyName: oh
[03:38:13] ILikedMyName has conceded from the game.
[03:38:13] EternalParadox38 wins the game.
[03:38:13] ILikedMyName has lost connection to the game.
Winner: EternalParadox38
Game 1 Completed.
[03:38:20] CrabEmoji has stopped watching.

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