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[15:59:59] [CHAT] Brainlesss96: May fortune smile on us both!
[16:00:00] [CHAT] i_am_a_ham_ama: hi! glhf
[16:00:01] Brainlesss96 chooses to play first.
[16:00:04] Brainlesss96 begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[16:00:34] i_am_a_ham_ama begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[16:00:34] Turn 1: Brainlesss96
[16:00:35] Brainlesss96 skips their draw step.
[16:00:41] Brainlesss96 plays [Llanowar Wastes].
[16:00:58] Turn 1: i_am_a_ham_ama
[16:01:01] i_am_a_ham_ama plays [Swamp].
[16:01:04] i_am_a_ham_ama casts [Dark Ritual].
[16:01:18] i_am_a_ham_ama casts [Duress] targeting Brainlesss96.
[16:01:43] [CHAT] i_am_a_ham_ama: uhh, that doesnt look like premodern
[16:01:56] [CHAT] i_am_a_ham_ama: but I'm willing to play this out!
[16:02:00] [CHAT] Brainlesss96: funny your opening looks like penny dreadful
[16:02:08] Brainlesss96 discards [Anguished Unmaking].
[16:02:09] Brainlesss96 reveals their hand to [Duress], containing [Sylvan Library], [Explore], [Siege Rhino], [Painful Truths], and [Fetid Heath].
[16:02:19] i_am_a_ham_ama casts [Carnophage].
[16:02:31] [CHAT] Brainlesss96: My bad sorry for poping in I'll keep playing if you want though
[16:02:43] [CHAT] i_am_a_ham_ama: ha, nah we can call it
[16:02:48] i_am_a_ham_ama has conceded from the game.
[16:02:48] Brainlesss96 wins the game.
Winner: Brainlesss96
Game 1 Completed.
[16:03:00] i_am_a_ham_ama has left the game.