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[09:11:35] PDBot has started watching.
[09:11:45] crexalbo mulligans to six cards.
[09:11:55] crexalbo puts a card on the bottom of their library and begins the game with six cards in hand.
[09:11:55] Turn 1: crexalbo
[09:11:57] crexalbo plays [Forest].
[09:11:58] crexalbo casts [Commune with Spirits].
[09:12:02] crexalbo reveals [Greater Auramancy] with [Commune with Spirits].
[09:12:05] Turn 2: crexalbo
[09:12:07] crexalbo plays [Forest].
[09:12:08] crexalbo casts [Commune with the Gods].
[09:12:09] crexalbo reveals 5 cards with [Commune with the Gods]: [Phyrexian Unlife], [Solemnity], [Resurgent Belief], [Resurgent Belief], and [Sunpetal Grove].
[09:12:09] [CHAT] PDBot: [sU]Solemnity[sU] has an advantageous bug.
Solemnity does not prevent a player from paying tribute cost, but the creature won't get the +1/+1 counter
[09:12:15] crexalbo chooses Solemnity.
[09:12:17] Turn 3: crexalbo
[09:12:19] crexalbo plays [Canopy Vista].
[09:12:20] Turn 4: crexalbo
[09:12:22] Turn 5: crexalbo
[09:12:26] crexalbo discards [Greater Auramancy].
[09:12:26] Turn 6: crexalbo
[09:12:29] crexalbo plays [Sunpetal Grove].
[09:14:38] crexalbo casts [Words of Worship].
[09:14:38] [CHAT] PDBot: [sU]Words of Worship[sU] has a game breaking bug.
Words of Worship causes the game to restart when you activate it for the draw for turn
[09:14:43] Turn 7: crexalbo
[09:14:46] crexalbo activates an ability of [Words of Worship] ( The next time you would draw a card this turn, you gain 5 life instead.).

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