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[League] Redrum by chandogg (232148) vs 70 Rev 5 3.0 1.2 5 by firecircle12 (232143)
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[19:46:07] Chandogg chooses to play first.
[19:46:13] Chandogg begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[19:46:16] firecircle12 mulligans to six cards.
[19:46:24] firecircle12 puts a card on the bottom of their library and begins the game with six cards in hand.
[19:46:24] Turn 1: Chandogg
[19:46:24] Chandogg skips their draw step.
[19:46:27] Chandogg plays [Mountain].
[19:46:37] Turn 1: firecircle12
[19:46:42] firecircle12 plays [Swamp].
[19:46:50] Turn 2: Chandogg
[19:46:52] Chandogg plays [Mountain].
[19:46:55] Chandogg casts [Viashino Pyromancer].
[19:47:04] Chandogg puts triggered ability from [Viashino Pyromancer] onto the stack targeting firecircle12 (When Viashino Pyromancer enters the battlefield, it deals 2 damage to target player or planeswalke...).
[19:47:14] Turn 2: firecircle12
[19:47:17] firecircle12 plays [Swamp].
[19:47:19] firecircle12 casts [Ruthless Cullblade].
[19:47:31] Turn 3: Chandogg
[19:47:34] Chandogg plays [Mountain].
[19:47:41] Chandogg casts [Burst Lightning] targeting [Ruthless Cullblade].
[19:47:50] Chandogg exiles [Volcanic Salvo] with with [Blazing Shoal]'s ability.
[19:47:50] Chandogg casts [Blazing Shoal] targeting [Viashino Pyromancer]. (X is 12).
[19:47:59] firecircle12 is being attacked by [Viashino Pyromancer]
[19:48:09] firecircle12 has conceded from the game.
[19:48:09] Chandogg wins the game.
[19:48:09] firecircle12 has lost connection to the game.
Winner: Chandogg
Game 1 Completed.