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Game 857751246

[Time] 1700426687
[League] Sh by kelds1 (229922) vs Alekhine's Defense by birdsandbees (229945)

Game 857752188

[Time] 1700426791

Game 857752630

[Time] 1700426930
[22:50:16] PDBot has started watching.
[22:50:17] [CHAT] Kelds1: should I wait>?
[22:50:20] Turn 2: BirdsAndBees
[22:50:20] BirdsAndBees plays [Island].
[22:50:27] [CHAT] BirdsAndBees: yeah sorry will be just a sec
[22:50:32] [CHAT] Kelds1: kk np
[22:50:33] Turn 3: Kelds1
[22:50:39] Placebo has started watching.
[22:54:29] [CHAT] Kelds1: wb
[22:54:35] [CHAT] BirdsAndBees: ty
[22:54:38] Kelds1 plays [Thran Portal].
[22:54:41] [CHAT] BirdsAndBees: wow barely made it huh
[22:54:43] Kelds1 chooses Forest for [Thran Portal].
[22:54:59] Kelds1 casts [Audacity] targeting [Blight Mamba].
[League] Invalid Match
[22:55:02] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD][sR] Blight Mamba was not on a submitted league decklist. This is not a league match.
[22:55:07] [CHAT] BirdsAndBees: lol
[22:55:11] [CHAT] BirdsAndBees: gj bot
[22:55:16] [CHAT] Kelds1: jee pdbot
[22:55:16] [CHAT] BirdsAndBees: you're trying
[22:55:22] TheWatchWander has started watching.
[22:55:27] [CHAT] Kelds1: only a turn and 10 minutes late XD
[22:55:41] BirdsAndBees is being attacked by [Blight Mamba]
[22:55:46] Kelds1 casts [Invigorate] targeting [Blight Mamba].
[22:55:54] Kelds1 casts [Invigorate] targeting [Blight Mamba].
[22:56:03] BirdsAndBees casts [Unsummon] targeting [Blight Mamba].
[22:56:08] Kelds1 casts [Royal Treatment] targeting [Blight Mamba].
[22:56:16] [CHAT] BirdsAndBees: had it all ggs
[22:56:18] Kelds1's [Royal Treatment] creates a Royal attached to [Blight Mamba].
[22:56:20] [CHAT] Kelds1: ggs
[22:56:21] BirdsAndBees has conceded from the game.
[22:56:21] Kelds1 wins the game.
Winner: Kelds1
Game 1 Completed.
[22:56:24] BirdsAndBees has left the game.