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[Time] 1700135355
[13:49:15] PDBot has started watching.
[13:49:15] Guinhenhas joined the game.
[13:49:21] Guinhenhas begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[13:49:21] Turn 1: Guinhenhas
[13:49:29] Guinhenhas plays [Llanowar Wastes].
[13:49:32] Guinhenhas casts [Birds of Paradise].
[13:49:33] Turn 2: Guinhenhas
[13:49:40] Guinhenhas casts [Wall of Blossoms].
[13:49:40] Guinhenhas puts triggered ability from [Wall of Blossoms] onto the stack (When Wall of Blossoms enters the battlefield, draw a card.).
[13:49:40] Guinhenhas draws a card with [Wall of Blossoms]'s ability.
[13:49:40] [CHAT] PDBot: [sR]Wall of Blossoms[sR] is not legal in Penny Dreadful.
[13:49:42] Guinhenhas plays [Treetop Village].
[13:49:42] Turn 3: Guinhenhas
[13:49:42] [CHAT] PDBot: [sR]Treetop Village[sR] is not legal in Penny Dreadful.
[13:49:47] Guinhenhas plays [Swamp].
[13:49:54] Guinhenhas casts [Mesmeric Fiend].
[13:49:55] Guinhenhas puts triggered ability from [Mesmeric Fiend] onto the stack targeting Guinhenhas (When Mesmeric Fiend enters the battlefield, target opponent reveals their hand and you choose a no...).
[13:49:59] Guinhenhas reveals their hand to [Mesmeric Fiend]'s ability, containing [Swamp], [Recurring Nightmare], [Swamp], and [Llanowar Wastes].
[13:49:59] [CHAT] PDBot: [sR]Recurring Nightmare[sR] is not legal in Penny Dreadful.
[sG] In order to prevent further spamming, I'll stop warning you now.
[sG] For more information about Penny Dreadful, see pdmtgo.com or reddit.com/r/PennyDreadfulMTG
[13:50:04] Turn 4: Guinhenhas
[13:50:05] Guinhenhas plays [Treetop Village].
[13:50:16] Guinhenhas casts [Recurring Nightmare].
[13:50:20] Turn 5: Guinhenhas
[13:50:24] Guinhenhas plays [Swamp].
[13:50:28] Turn 6: Guinhenhas
[13:50:34] Turn 7: Guinhenhas
[13:50:40] Turn 8: Guinhenhas
[13:53:47] Guinhenhas has conceded from the game.
[13:53:47] Guinhenhas loses the game.
Game 1 Completed.