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[15:39:10] flphunter joined the game.
[15:39:16] [CHAT] baronbounty: hi
[15:39:17] [CHAT] baronbounty: premodern?
[15:39:23] baronbounty chooses to play first.
[15:39:28] [CHAT] flphunter: no, its penny dreadful
[15:39:31] baronbounty begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[15:39:35] [CHAT] baronbounty: sorry
[15:39:39] [CHAT] baronbounty: thought PremoDern
[15:39:43] baronbounty has conceded from the game.
[15:39:43] flphunter wins the game.
[15:39:43] baronbounty has lost connection to the game.
Winner: flphunter
Game 1 Completed.