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[League] For Whoom the Ring Rings by rainbow637 (225394) vs Deck Is Fire by doomguy77 (225281)
[10:51:09] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD] Good luck in your League match!
[10:51:17] [CHAT] Rainbow637: glhf :)
[10:51:19] Rainbow637 chooses to play first.
[10:51:23] Rainbow637 begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[10:51:29] [CHAT] DoomGuy77: huh its still not working
[10:51:31] [CHAT] DoomGuy77: sorry
[10:52:13] [CHAT] DoomGuy77: ill try playing later
[10:52:13] DoomGuy77 has conceded from the game.
[10:52:13] Rainbow637 wins the game.
[10:52:13] DoomGuy77 has lost connection to the game.
Winner: Rainbow637
Game 1 Completed.
[10:52:14] [CHAT] Rainbow637: all g