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[12:36:18] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD][sR] This is not a valid League pairing!
[12:36:18] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD][sR] TaintedValki, you do not have an active run.
[12:36:38] [CHAT] VaultKid: Hey, you don't have an active Penny Dreadful League run
[12:36:52] [CHAT] TaintedValki: ah sorry mb
[12:36:58] [CHAT] TaintedValki: what is it
[12:37:25] [CHAT] VaultKid: Its a format where only card that are worth 0.02 TIX are allowed
[12:37:37] [CHAT] VaultKid: a super budget format
[12:37:40] [CHAT] TaintedValki: I have a deck but what is the league
[12:37:50] [CHAT] VaultKid: ah ok
[12:37:56] [CHAT] VaultKid: you need to sign up on the website https://pennydreadfulmagic.com/
[12:38:02] [CHAT] VaultKid: and then you can play the league
[12:38:03] [CHAT] TaintedValki: ahhh did not know ty
[12:38:08] [CHAT] VaultKid: you are welcome!
[12:38:15] TaintedValki has conceded from the game.
[12:38:15] VaultKid wins the game.
Winner: VaultKid
Game 1 Completed.
[12:38:19] TaintedValki has left the game.