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Game 847684276

[Time] 1692289229
[League] Toothpost by gamesfinkel (222871) vs Erayo Prison by aidask (222875)
[19:21:44] PDBot has started watching.
[19:21:44] Aidask joined the game.
[19:21:47] Aidask chooses to play first.
[19:21:56] Aidask mulligans to six cards.
[19:21:58] [CHAT] GamesFinkel: wtf
[19:22:05] GamesFinkel has conceded from the game.
[19:22:05] Aidask wins the game.
[19:22:05] GamesFinkel has lost connection to the game.
Winner: Aidask
Game 1 Completed.