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[Time] 1677893049
[Gatherling] Event=Penny Dreadful FNM 28.03
[Gatherling] Round=3
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[03:29:13] GoppyShlephole casts [Dark Ritual].
[03:30:13] GoppyShlephole casts [Nameless Inversion] targeting [Tidehollow Sculler].
[03:30:14] karn_thecreator90 puts triggered ability from [Tidehollow Sculler] onto the stack (When Tidehollow Sculler leaves the battlefield, return the exiled card to its owner's hand.).
pd vs karn
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[Time] 1677895578
[League] This Rat Deck Is Better Because There Are Only 10 Rats in It by goppyshlephole (210664) vs Orzhov Midrange by karn_thecreator90 (210675)