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[Time] 1652551834
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[21:10:34] shizleboy joined the game.
[21:10:34] Winnter joined the game.
[League] Hateful Eidolon Stompy by shizleboy (179439) vs Mono Black Midrange by winnter (179440)
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[21:10:38] shizleboy chooses to play first.
[21:10:42] [CHAT] shizleboy: glhf
[21:10:46] shizleboy mulligans to six cards.
[21:10:50] [CHAT] Winnter: glhf
[21:11:10] Winnter begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[21:11:15] shizleboy puts a card on the bottom of their library and begins the game with six cards in hand.
[21:11:15] Turn 1: shizleboy
[21:11:15] shizleboy skips their draw step.
[21:11:17] shizleboy plays [Forest].
[21:11:19] shizleboy casts [Generous Visitor].
[21:11:21] Turn 1: Winnter
[21:11:24] Winnter plays [Swamp].
[21:11:26] Winnter casts [Dark Ritual].
[21:11:33] Winnter casts [Dread Fugue] targeting shizleboy.
[21:11:44] shizleboy discards [Commune with the Gods].
[21:11:44] shizleboy reveals their hand to [Dread Fugue], containing [Dead Weight], [Aphemia, the Cacophony], and [Swamp].
[21:11:47] Winnter casts [Hymn to Tourach] targeting shizleboy.
[21:11:48] shizleboy discards [Aphemia, the Cacophony].
[21:11:48] shizleboy discards [Swamp].
[21:11:54] Turn 2: shizleboy
[21:12:00] Winnter is being attacked by [Generous Visitor]
[21:12:05] Turn 2: Winnter
[21:12:07] Winnter plays [Swamp].
[21:12:23] Turn 3: shizleboy
[21:12:27] Winnter is being attacked by [Generous Visitor]
[21:12:27] Turn 3: Winnter
[21:12:31] Winnter plays [Swamp].
[21:12:38] Winnter casts [Gatekeeper of Malakir] (with kicker).
[21:12:43] Winnter puts triggered ability from [Gatekeeper of Malakir] onto the stack targeting shizleboy (When Gatekeeper of Malakir enters the battlefield, if it was kicked, target player sacrifices a cr...).
[21:12:46] shizleboy sacrifices [Generous Visitor].
[21:12:51] Turn 4: shizleboy
[21:12:55] Turn 4: Winnter
[21:13:08] shizleboy is being attacked by [Gatekeeper of Malakir]
[21:13:21] Winnter casts [Vampire Nighthawk].
[21:13:24] Turn 5: shizleboy
[21:13:27] shizleboy has conceded from the game.
Winner: Winnter
Game 1 Completed.