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[00:42:50] Love_Aristocrat joined the game.
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[League] Isshin V2 by love_aristocrat (176268) vs Azorius Control by wizzardofoz (176280)
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[00:42:59] wizzardofoz chooses to play first.
[00:43:03] wizzardofoz begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[00:43:04] Love_Aristocrat begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[00:43:04] Turn 1: wizzardofoz
[00:43:06] wizzardofoz skips their draw step.
[00:43:07] wizzardofoz plays [Flood Plain].
[00:43:11] Turn 1: Love_Aristocrat
[00:43:13] Love_Aristocrat plays [Nomad Outpost].
[00:43:15] Turn 2: wizzardofoz
[00:43:22] wizzardofoz plays [Prairie Stream].
[00:43:23] wizzardofoz activates an ability of [Flood Plain] ( Search your library for a Plains or Island card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle.).
[00:43:31] wizzardofoz casts [Brainstone].
[00:43:32] Turn 2: Love_Aristocrat
[00:43:40] Love_Aristocrat plays [Nomad Outpost].
[00:43:40] Love_Aristocrat casts [Signal Pest].
[00:44:23] Turn 3: wizzardofoz
[00:44:55] [CHAT] Love_Aristocrat: sry lagging a lot
[00:44:56] Love_Aristocrat has conceded from the game.
[00:44:56] Love_Aristocrat has lost connection to the game.
Winner: wizzardofoz
Game 1 Completed.