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[Time] 1643056851
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[22:40:51] wizzardofoz joined the game.
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[22:41:01] xxICONOCLAST chooses to play first.
[22:41:16] xxICONOCLAST mulligans to six cards.
[22:41:19] wizzardofoz begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[22:41:28] xxICONOCLAST puts a card on the bottom of their library and begins the game with six cards in hand.
[22:41:28] Turn 1: xxICONOCLAST
[22:41:29] xxICONOCLAST skips their draw step.
[22:41:30] xxICONOCLAST plays [Forest].
[22:41:32] xxICONOCLAST casts [Elves of Deep Shadow].
[22:41:34] Turn 1: wizzardofoz
[22:41:39] wizzardofoz plays [Simic Guildgate].
[22:41:45] Turn 2: xxICONOCLAST
[22:41:47] xxICONOCLAST plays [Llanowar Wastes].
[22:41:52] xxICONOCLAST casts [Rain of Tears] targeting [Simic Guildgate].
[22:41:54] Turn 2: wizzardofoz
[22:41:57] wizzardofoz plays [Selesnya Guildgate].
[22:41:58] Turn 3: xxICONOCLAST
[22:42:01] xxICONOCLAST plays [Swamp].
[22:42:03] xxICONOCLAST casts [Duress] targeting wizzardofoz.
[22:42:19] wizzardofoz discards [Orim's Chant].
[22:42:19] wizzardofoz reveals their hand to [Duress], containing [Bring to Light], [Izzet Guildgate], [Druid Class], [Azorius Guildgate], [Dimir Guildgate], and [Golgari Guildgate].
[22:42:22] wizzardofoz is being attacked by [Elves of Deep Shadow].
[22:42:26] Turn 3: wizzardofoz
[22:44:42] xxICONOCLAST has conceded from the game.
[22:44:42] xxICONOCLAST has lost connection to the game.
Winner: wizzardofoz
Game 1 Completed.