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Game 786949160

[Time] 1642452031
[22:40:31] PDBot has started watching.
[22:40:35] datrobino begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[22:40:35] Turn 1: datrobino
[22:40:36] datrobino plays [Scattered Groves].
[22:40:37] Turn 2: datrobino
[22:40:38] datrobino plays [Hinterland Harbor].
[22:40:39] Turn 3: datrobino
[22:40:39] datrobino plays [Hinterland Harbor].
[22:40:44] datrobino casts [Shardless Agent].
[22:40:44] datrobino puts triggered ability from [Shardless Agent] onto the stack (Cascade).
[22:40:45] datrobino reveals 3 cards with [Shardless Agent]: [Yavimaya Coast], [Ring of Three Wishes], and [Channel].
[22:40:45] [CHAT] PDBot: [sU]Channel[sU] has an advantageous bug.
Casting or copying Channel on your opponent's turn lets you use the emblem on your next turn.
[22:40:47] datrobino casts [Channel]. (X is 0).
[22:40:55] Turn 4: datrobino
[22:41:00] datrobino casts [Divide by Zero] targeting [Shardless Agent].
[22:41:00] datrobino returns [Shardless Agent] to its owner's hand with [Divide by Zero].
[22:41:01] datrobino discards [Forest].
[22:41:01] datrobino draws a card with [Divide by Zero].
[22:41:01] datrobino learns.
[22:41:04] datrobino has conceded from the game.
Game 1 Completed.