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[Time] 1642266724
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[19:12:05] corgitoegosum joined the game.
[19:12:07] Garcia_Edu joined the game.
[League] Ponza by corgitoegosum (166090) vs Mono Red Deck by garcia_edu (166107)
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[19:12:14] Garcia_Edu chooses to play first.
[19:12:20] Garcia_Edu begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[19:12:22] corgitoegosum mulligans to six cards.
[19:12:39] corgitoegosum puts a card on the bottom of their library and begins the game with six cards in hand.
[19:12:39] Turn 1: Garcia_Edu
[19:12:40] Garcia_Edu skips their draw step.
[19:12:41] Garcia_Edu plays [Mountain].
[19:12:44] Garcia_Edu casts [Monastery Swiftspear].
[19:12:49] corgitoegosum is being attacked by [Monastery Swiftspear].
[19:12:50] Turn 1: corgitoegosum
[19:12:52] corgitoegosum plays [Forest].
[19:12:53] corgitoegosum casts [Birds of Paradise].
[19:12:55] Turn 2: Garcia_Edu
[19:12:56] Garcia_Edu plays [Mountain].
[19:12:59] corgitoegosum is being attacked by [Monastery Swiftspear].
[19:13:05] Garcia_Edu casts [Stormblood Berserker].
[19:13:06] Turn 2: corgitoegosum
[19:13:14] corgitoegosum has conceded from the game.
[19:13:14] corgitoegosum has lost connection to the game.
Winner: Garcia_Edu
Game 1 Completed.