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Game 786603610

[Time] 1642214264
[League] Jank Token by uiscebeatha (166020) vs Fires V3 by fabiorlopes (166021)
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[04:38:41] Turn 4: UisceBeatha
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[04:38:42] UisceBeatha plays [Tendo Ice Bridge].
[04:38:45] UisceBeatha casts [Parallel Lives].
[04:38:46] Turn 5: fabiorlopes
[04:38:46] fabiorlopes plays [Mountain].
[04:38:49] fabiorlopes casts [Sarkhan the Masterless].
[04:38:50] fabiorlopes activates an ability of [Sarkhan the Masterless] ( Create a 4/4 red Dragon creature token with flying.).
[04:38:50] fabiorlopes's [Sarkhan the Masterless] creates a Dragon Token.
[04:38:51] Turn 5: UisceBeatha
[04:38:51] UisceBeatha plays [Plains].
[04:38:52] UisceBeatha casts [Join the Dance] from the graveyard.
[04:38:52] UisceBeatha's [Join the Dance] creates four Human Tokens.
[04:38:59] Turn 6: fabiorlopes
[04:39:03] fabiorlopes plays [Battlefield Forge].
[04:39:28] fabiorlopes activates an ability of [Sarkhan the Masterless] ( Until end of turn, each planeswalker you control becomes a 4/4 red Dragon creature and gains flyi...).
[04:40:43] UisceBeatha is being attacked by [Dragon Token] and [Sarkhan the Masterless].
[04:42:10] Turn 6: UisceBeatha
[04:47:36] UisceBeatha casts [Servo Exhibition].
[04:48:25] UisceBeatha's [Servo Exhibition] creates four Servo Tokens.
[04:50:24] UisceBeatha casts [Hour of Reckoning].
[04:51:14] UisceBeatha has conceded from the game.
Winner: fabiorlopes
Game 1 Completed.
[04:52:13] fabiorlopes has left the game.