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[League] Elves by doomguy77 (166015) vs I Like Big by uiscebeatha (165752)
[03:59:56] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD] Good luck in your League match!
[03:59:56] DoomGuy77 chooses to play first.
[04:00:01] [CHAT] DoomGuy77: hi gl hf
[04:00:01] [CHAT] UisceBeatha: gl hf :)
[04:00:03] DoomGuy77 begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[04:00:10] UisceBeatha begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[04:00:10] Turn 1: DoomGuy77
[04:00:10] DoomGuy77 skips their draw step.
[04:00:13] DoomGuy77 plays [Forest].
[04:00:15] DoomGuy77 casts [Fyndhorn Elves].
[04:00:24] Turn 1: UisceBeatha
[04:00:28] UisceBeatha plays [Murmuring Bosk].
[04:00:36] UisceBeatha casts [Birds of Paradise].
[04:00:40] Turn 2: DoomGuy77
[04:00:48] DoomGuy77 casts [Elvish Mystic].
[04:00:51] DoomGuy77 casts [Llanowar Elves].
[04:00:57] Turn 2: UisceBeatha
[04:01:04] UisceBeatha plays [Swamp].
[04:01:10] UisceBeatha casts [Doran, the Siege Tower].
[04:01:13] Turn 3: DoomGuy77
[04:01:23] [CHAT] DoomGuy77: oh nice doran deck
[04:01:30] [CHAT] UisceBeatha: tnx :)
[04:01:31] DoomGuy77 casts [Elvish Archdruid].
[04:01:41] [CHAT] UisceBeatha: im actually brewing golgari elves atm too :D
[04:01:56] [CHAT] DoomGuy77: doran was the first commander deck i built
[04:02:13] [CHAT] UisceBeatha: awesome , love butt decks
[04:02:18] Turn 3: UisceBeatha
[04:02:39] UisceBeatha casts [Treefolk Harbinger].
[04:02:47] UisceBeatha puts triggered ability from [Treefolk Harbinger] onto the stack (When Treefolk Harbinger enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a Treefolk or Fore...).
[04:03:02] UisceBeatha reveals [Ancient Lumberknot].
[04:03:27] UisceBeatha plays [Sandsteppe Citadel].
[04:03:30] [CHAT] DoomGuy77: are any of the other toughness matters cards legal in pd, or just doran?
[04:04:01] [CHAT] UisceBeatha: ancient lumber which is meh and assault formation...
[04:04:11] DoomGuy77 is being attacked by [Doran, the Siege Tower].
[04:04:21] [CHAT] DoomGuy77: ah yeah well gl
[04:04:40] [CHAT] DoomGuy77: i gotta go now sorry
[04:04:59] DoomGuy77 has conceded from the game.
Winner: UisceBeatha
Game 1 Completed.
[04:05:19] DoomGuy77 has left the game.