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[21:30:25] riotpatrice911 joined the game.
[21:30:25] vladtercero joined the game.
[League] Game Objects ( Copy Paste) by riotpatrice911 (156449) vs Macmiller by vladtercero (156441)
[21:30:28] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD] Good luck in your League match!
[21:30:36] [CHAT] riotpatrice911: hi, gl hf!
[21:30:39] riotpatrice911 chooses to play first.
[21:30:51] riotpatrice911 mulligans to six cards.
[21:30:54] vladtercero begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[21:30:56] riotpatrice911 mulligans to five cards.
[21:31:19] [CHAT] vladtercero: hi thank you 
[21:31:28] [CHAT] vladtercero: im new to mtgo and magic in general 
[21:31:41] [CHAT] riotpatrice911: cool
[21:31:46] [CHAT] vladtercero: decided to play this format for the price haha
[21:32:02] [CHAT] vladtercero: im from chile btw
[21:32:03] [CHAT] riotpatrice911: allready discovered the best format available 
[21:32:27] [CHAT] vladtercero: trying to see if i can have success from a homebrew deck XD
[21:33:13] [CHAT] riotpatrice911: nice. let's see 
[21:33:23] riotpatrice911 puts two cards on the bottom of their library and begins the game with five cards in hand.
[21:33:23] Turn 1: riotpatrice911
[21:33:23] riotpatrice911 skips their draw step.
[21:33:25] riotpatrice911 plays [Darkmoss Bridge].
[21:33:27] Turn 1: vladtercero
[21:33:31] vladtercero plays [Island].
[21:33:34] vladtercero casts [Venture Deeper] targeting riotpatrice911.
[21:33:36] riotpatrice911 mills [Prosperous Innkeeper], [Forest], [Forest] and [Clock of Omens].
[21:33:38] Turn 2: riotpatrice911
[21:33:41] riotpatrice911 plays [Swamp].
[21:33:51] riotpatrice911 casts [Mesmeric Fiend].
[21:33:57] riotpatrice911 puts triggered ability from [Mesmeric Fiend] onto the stack targeting vladtercero (When Mesmeric Fiend enters the battlefield, target opponent reveals their hand and you choose a no...).
[21:34:44] vladtercero reveals their hand to [Mesmeric Fiend]'s ability, containing [Undead Alchemist], [Stern Dismissal], [Island], [Venture Deeper], [Merfolk Secretkeeper], and [Undead Alchemist].
[21:34:56] [CHAT] riotpatrice911: i see. spicey 
[21:35:09] [CHAT] vladtercero: hahaha 
[21:35:20] [CHAT] vladtercero: played like 5 matches without winning :(
[21:35:23] Turn 2: vladtercero
[21:35:28] vladtercero plays [Island].
[21:35:39] vladtercero casts [Venture Deeper] targeting riotpatrice911.
[21:35:57] riotpatrice911 mills [Banewhip Punisher], [Tree of Tales], [Darkmoss Bridge] and [Clock of Omens].
[21:36:00] vladtercero casts [Merfolk Secretkeeper].
[21:36:05] Turn 3: riotpatrice911
[21:36:13] riotpatrice911 casts [Trail of Crumbs].
[21:36:21] riotpatrice911 puts triggered ability from [Trail of Crumbs] onto the stack (When Trail of Crumbs enters the battlefield, create a Food token.).
[21:36:27] riotpatrice911's [Trail of Crumbs] creates a Food Token.
[21:36:33] Turn 3: vladtercero
[21:36:41] [CHAT] riotpatrice911: don't worry 
[21:36:49] [CHAT] riotpatrice911: winning is for losers 
[21:36:55] vladtercero casts [Merfolk Secretkeeper].
[21:37:05] [CHAT] vladtercero: lol
[21:37:25] [CHAT] riotpatrice911: especially in pennydreadful it is more about the fun 
[21:37:31] Turn 4: riotpatrice911
[21:37:32] [CHAT] vladtercero: i was playing arena but idk theres something that doesnt feels right
[21:37:35] riotpatrice911 plays [Darkmoss Bridge].
[21:37:37] riotpatrice911 casts [Witch's Oven].
[21:37:41] Turn 4: vladtercero
[21:38:05] vladtercero casts [Stern Dismissal] targeting [Trail of Crumbs].
[21:38:17] [CHAT] riotpatrice911: i don't play arena because of the videogame feeling 
[21:38:51] [CHAT] riotpatrice911: and you get ripped pretty hard for there is no secondary market for cards 
[21:39:01] [CHAT] vladtercero: thats the thing
[21:39:06] [CHAT] vladtercero: u dont own the cards 
[21:39:07] vladtercero returns [Trail of Crumbs] to its owner's hand with [Stern Dismissal].
[21:39:30] [CHAT] vladtercero: and i mean its magic one part of the fun its owning those cards
[21:39:37] Turn 5: riotpatrice911
[21:39:40] riotpatrice911 plays [Swamp].
[21:39:44] riotpatrice911 casts [Academy Manufactor].
[21:39:45] [CHAT] PDBot: [sU]Academy Manufactor[sU] has an avoidable game breaking bug.
Some cards with replacement effects can replace card draw when a card with Dredge is in the graveyard with various consequences
[21:40:09] [CHAT] vladtercero: sorry i gtg
[21:40:14] vladtercero has conceded from the game.
Winner: riotpatrice911
Game 1 Completed.