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[Time] 1627945535
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[02:05:36] Plrt joined the game.
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[02:05:45] [CHAT] cela: hello
[02:05:45] Pigmax has started watching.
[02:05:45] [CHAT] cela: how's it going
[02:06:43] [CHAT] Pigmax: hey
[02:06:55] [CHAT] Pigmax: wrong match
[02:07:28] [CHAT] Plrt: yeah
[02:07:28] [CHAT] Pigmax: PLRT
[02:07:30] Plrt has conceded from the game.
Winner: cela
Game 1 Completed.
[02:07:32] [CHAT] Pigmax: i'll create a new room
[02:07:36] Pigmax has stopped watching.
[02:07:37] Plrt has left the game.