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[Time] 1614742628
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[Gatherling] Event=Pauper Classic Tuesdays 7.96
[Gatherling] Round=4
[14:37:17] LordLufrew chooses to play first.
[14:37:18] [CHAT] LordLufrew: hi deluxe
[14:37:23] [CHAT] LordLufrew: draw with me?
[14:37:28] [CHAT] deluxeicoff: sure
[14:37:32] [CHAT] deluxeicoff: how do we log it
[14:38:15] [CHAT] LordLufrew: in the pct chat
[14:38:19] [CHAT] LordLufrew: or discord chat
[14:39:13] [CHAT] LordLufrew: glhf in the tournament
[14:39:16] LordLufrew has conceded from the game.
[14:39:16] LordLufrew has lost connection to the game.
Winner: deluxeicoff
Game 1 Completed.