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[Time] 1614551196
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[09:26:36] Zubekanov joined the game.
[League] Mono Blue Tempo by comet-shower (123666) vs Back to Dreadnought I Guess by zubekanov (123833)
[09:26:40] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD] Good luck in your League match!
[09:26:43] [CHAT] comet-shower: hi, gl
[09:26:47] Zubekanov chooses to play first.
[09:26:55] [CHAT] Zubekanov: opps sorry i have the wrong deck
[09:26:56] [CHAT] Zubekanov: i will rejoin
[09:27:03] [CHAT] comet-shower: kk
[09:27:04] Zubekanov has conceded from the game.
[09:27:04] Zubekanov has lost connection to the game.
Winner: comet-shower
Game 1 Completed.