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[14:09:02] jackhu_22 joined the game.
[14:09:02] glendaloc joined the game.
[League] jackhu_22 doesn't have active run
[14:09:05] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD][sR] This is not a valid League pairing!
[14:09:05] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD][sR] jackhu_22, you do not have an active run.
[14:09:18] [CHAT] glendaloc: hey do you have a decklist on pdm?
[14:09:22] [CHAT] jackhu_22: sorry
[14:09:23] [CHAT] glendaloc: it says you are not registered
[14:09:33] [CHAT] jackhu_22: yeah, i can see that...my bad
[14:09:36] jackhu_22 has conceded from the game.
[14:09:36] jackhu_22 has lost connection to the game.
Winner: glendaloc
Game 1 Completed.