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[02:29:57] Robian joined the game.
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[League] Fog by forceofmontey (99014) vs Mono Black Devotion by robian (99020)
[02:29:59] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD] Good luck in your League match!
[02:30:10] [CHAT] Robian: glhf
[02:30:28] ForceOfMontey chooses to play first.
[02:30:31] ForceOfMontey begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[02:30:57] Robian mulligans to six cards.
[02:31:08] Robian puts a card on the bottom of their library and begins the game with six cards in hand.
[02:31:08] Turn 1: ForceOfMontey
[02:31:09] ForceOfMontey skips their draw step.
[02:31:35] ForceOfMontey plays [Forest].
[02:31:41] Turn 1: Robian
[02:31:43] Robian plays [Swamp].
[02:31:46] Robian casts [Duress] targeting ForceOfMontey.
[02:32:09] ForceOfMontey discards [Teferi's Tutelage].
[02:32:09] ForceOfMontey reveals their hand to [Duress], containing [Wilderness Reclamation], [Island], [Haze of Pollen], [Wilderness Reclamation], and [Fog].
[02:32:09] [CHAT] PDBot: [sU]Wilderness Reclamation[sU] has an unclassified bug.
If No Possible Play: Yield All is set (F8) when an ability untaps all lands a player controls such as Wilderness Reclamation, one of the lands may be visually tapped, however, it can still be tapped.
Our data about this bug is out of date.  Please let us know if this card is still bugged (or if it's been fixed).
You can do so by PM'ing this bot, or by typing `!stillbugged Wilderness Reclamation` or `!notbugged Wilderness Reclamation`
[02:32:12] Turn 2: ForceOfMontey
[02:32:14] ForceOfMontey plays [Island].
[02:32:18] Turn 2: Robian
[02:32:21] Robian plays [Swamp].
[02:32:29] Robian casts [Tymaret, Chosen from Death].
[02:32:34] Turn 3: ForceOfMontey
[02:32:39] ForceOfMontey plays [Forest].
[02:32:43] Turn 3: Robian
[02:32:55] ForceOfMontey is being attacked by [Tymaret, Chosen from Death].
[02:33:04] ForceOfMontey discards [Haze of Pollen].
[02:33:04] ForceOfMontey cycles [Haze of Pollen].
[02:33:14] Robian casts [Ransack the Lab].
[02:33:16] CreatedStepTrigger: OnlyOpponents
[02:33:16] Robian puts [Grasp of Darkness] and [Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage] into their graveyard.
[02:33:18] Robian plays [Swamp].
[02:33:20] Turn 4: ForceOfMontey
[02:33:37] Robian casts [Cling to Dust] targeting [Teferi's Tutelage].
[02:33:38] Robian draws a card with [Cling to Dust].
[02:33:40] Turn 4: Robian
[02:33:49] ForceOfMontey is being attacked by [Tymaret, Chosen from Death].
[02:34:00] Robian plays [Lake of the Dead].
[02:34:02] Robian sacrifices [Swamp].
[02:34:09] Robian casts [Bolas's Citadel].
[02:34:15] ForceOfMontey casts [Mana Leak] targeting [Bolas's Citadel].
[02:34:18] Robian casts [Dark Ritual].
[02:34:30] Robian casts [Duress] using an alternate cost targeting ForceOfMontey.
[02:34:34] ForceOfMontey discards [Fevered Visions].
[02:34:34] ForceOfMontey reveals their hand to [Duress], containing [Fevered Visions], [Wilderness Reclamation], [Wilderness Reclamation], and [Fog].
[02:34:38] Turn 5: ForceOfMontey
[02:34:49] ForceOfMontey has conceded from the game.
[02:34:49] ForceOfMontey has lost connection to the game.
Winner: Robian
Game 1 Completed.