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[Time] 1596292059
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[00:27:40] MrPotshot joined the game.
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[League] Mono Black Devotion by malvescastro (86355) vs Mono Black Control by mrpotshot (86374)
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[00:27:45] Malvescastro chooses to play first.
[00:27:48] Malvescastro begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[00:27:53] MrPotshot mulligans to six cards.
[00:28:08] [CHAT] MrPotshot: ffs forgot to change decks
[00:28:12] [CHAT] MrPotshot: sorry mate. free win
[00:28:17] MrPotshot has conceded from the game.
[00:28:17] MrPotshot has lost connection to the game.
Winner: Malvescastro
Game 1 Completed.