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[Time] 1592265835
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[10:04:01] RemyStrange chooses to play first.
[10:04:08] [CHAT] flac0: heyo mind playing this again? I'm trying to get it sorted.
[10:04:14] RemyStrange mulligans to six cards.
[10:04:17] flac0 begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[10:04:34] RemyStrange puts a card on the bottom of their library and begins the game with six cards in hand.
[10:04:34] Turn 1: RemyStrange
[10:04:34] RemyStrange skips their draw step.
[10:04:37] RemyStrange plays [Jungle Hollow].
[10:04:37] RemyStrange puts triggered ability from [Jungle Hollow] onto the stack (When Jungle Hollow enters the battlefield, you gain 1 life.).
[10:04:44] Turn 1: flac0
[10:04:46] flac0 plays [Swamp].
[10:04:57] Turn 2: RemyStrange
[10:05:08] RemyStrange plays [Tendo Ice Bridge].
[10:05:13] RemyStrange casts [Commune with the Gods].
[10:05:15] RemyStrange reveals 5 cards with [Commune with the Gods]: [Deep Forest Hermit], [Recurring Nightmare], [Shriekmaw], [Yosei, the Morning Star], and [Jungle Hollow].
[10:05:24] RemyStrange puts [Recurring Nightmare] into their hand with with [Commune with the Gods].
[10:05:24] RemyStrange puts [Deep Forest Hermit], [Shriekmaw], [Yosei, the Morning Star], and [Jungle Hollow] into their graveyard.
[10:05:34] Turn 2: flac0
[10:05:36] flac0 plays [Swamp].
[10:05:42] flac0 casts [Reanimate] targeting [Yosei, the Morning Star].
[10:05:53] Turn 3: RemyStrange
[10:05:59] RemyStrange has conceded from the game.
[10:05:59] RemyStrange has lost connection to the game.
Winner: flac0
Game 1 Completed.