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[League] I Cant Brew by hboc22 (62665) vs Blistering Rage by murpady (62666)
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[08:23:02] hboc22 chooses to play first.
[08:23:27] hboc22 begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[08:23:33] Murpady begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[08:23:33] Turn 1: hboc22
[08:23:33] hboc22 skips their draw step.
[08:23:42] hboc22 plays [Swamp].
[08:23:44] hboc22 casts [Steel Wall].
[08:24:19] Turn 1: Murpady
[08:24:28] Murpady plays [Mountain].
[08:24:30] Murpady casts [Akroan Crusader].
[08:24:43] Turn 2: hboc22
[08:24:47] hboc22 plays [Forest].
[08:24:49] hboc22 casts [Overgrown Battlement].
[08:25:00] Turn 2: Murpady
[08:25:43] Murpady casts [Gitaxian Probe] targeting hboc22.
[08:26:21] Murpady draws a card with [Gitaxian Probe].
[08:26:30] Murpady casts [Nivmagus Elemental].
[08:26:41] Turn 3: hboc22
[08:26:47] hboc22 casts [Jaddi Offshoot].
[08:26:58] hboc22 plays [Swamp].
[08:26:58] hboc22 puts triggered ability from [Jaddi Offshoot] onto the stack (Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, you gain 1 life.).
[08:27:26] hboc22 casts [Assault Formation].
[08:27:34] hboc22 casts [Wall of Blood].
[08:27:48] Turn 3: Murpady
[08:31:20] Murpady has conceded from the game.
[08:31:20] Murpady has lost connection to the game.
Winner: hboc22
Game 1 Completed.