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[Time] 1554908323
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[00:58:52] Uwu chooses to play first.
[00:58:55] Uwu keeps this hand.
[00:58:57] [CHAT] insan3_: gl =]
[00:59:11] [CHAT] Uwu: gl & hf!
[00:59:11] [CHAT] insan3_: League?
[00:59:25] [CHAT] Uwu: nah, i'm having fun testing different brews
[00:59:41] [CHAT] Uwu: league is too stresful for me
[00:59:46] [CHAT] insan3_: Oh so sorry
[01:00:03] [CHAT] insan3_: Maybe later
[01:00:05] insan3_ has conceded from the game.
[01:00:05] insan3_ keeps this hand.
Winner: Uwu
Game 1 Completed.
[01:00:11] Uwu has left the game.