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ID Host Opponent Format Comment Date
248865445 sircandle Biglig RandallGraves1 willrex Commander 2 weeks ago
248865288 Dank_Infestation sircandle lilliaire FrancisWells Commander whatever 2 weeks ago
248864049 sircandle Partykid KoutaShardQualityRok jerbear171987 Commander 2 weeks ago
248863544 sircandle ichigo990 Sprouting Paren Commander whatever 2 weeks ago
248149331 TheBane sircandle Logghammer insanevoice Commander whatever Apr 9th
247894321 sircandle Skitz24 Memeson michaelser15 Commander just stuff have fun Mar 31st
247739267 sircandle SixBeersDeep Asuner hebertm Commander Not cedh Mar 26th
246074122 sircandle Tayylord Logghammer Commander whatever Jan 23rd
244482268 sircandle Tayylord DubStepDad FNMWorldChampion Commander whatever Nov 28th
244482055 sircandle Tayylord DubStepDad FNMWorldChampion Commander whatever Nov 28th
242984779 jonesdarryn sircandle Cheslucky kamakaziepuppet Commander Sep 23rd
242984134 sircandle gameguycm TerminusRebirth numberoneron Commander Sep 23rd
242982069 sircandle gameguycm tacoo333 Darkphoenix7532 Commander Sep 23rd
242953272 SuckableToes sircandle Besingha Sawress-Prime Commander Sep 22nd
242952161 Qunubu sircandle raphaelfrance KingKocik Commander Sep 22nd
242951238 boogeyman sircandle boldurean ky3colers Commander Sep 22nd
242930567 sircandle raphaelfrance Salivaniel MURPGM Commander play what you want but play it fast and know what your deck does =) Sep 21st
242929570 sircandle 66budda66 hardywhite Reaga Commander it's tuesday- whatever Sep 21st
242929526 sircandle Reaga WhiteRose4511 et_crabs Commander Sep 21st
242912879 T1g3r sircandle AngelDangle fricksean Commander Have fun, no cedh Sep 20th