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[21:07:40] wizzerinus joined the game.
[League] SIMONEFIERRO doesn't have active run
[21:07:42] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD][sR] This is not a valid League pairing!
[21:07:42] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD][sR] SIMONEFIERRO, you do not have an active run.
[21:07:47] [CHAT] wizzerinus: ?
[21:08:01] [CHAT] SIMONEFIERRO: sorry 
[21:08:17] [CHAT] SIMONEFIERRO: whic league is?
[21:08:23] [CHAT] wizzerinus: wdym?
[21:08:29] [CHAT] SIMONEFIERRO: premodern?
[21:08:35] [CHAT] wizzerinus: penny dreadful
[21:08:45] [CHAT] wizzerinus: https://pennydreadfulmagic.com
[21:08:47] [CHAT] SIMONEFIERRO: ok i leave thank
[21:08:51] SIMONEFIERRO has conceded from the game.
[21:08:51] wizzerinus wins the game.
Winner: wizzerinus
Game 1 Completed.