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[20:40:42] PDBot has started watching.
[20:40:45] Placebo mulligans to six cards.
[20:40:46] Placebo mulligans to five cards.
[20:40:47] Placebo mulligans to four cards.
[20:40:48] Placebo mulligans to three cards.
[20:40:49] Placebo mulligans to two cards.
[20:40:58] Placebo puts five cards on the bottom of their library and begins the game with two cards in hand.
[20:40:58] Turn 1: Placebo
[20:40:59] Placebo plays [Sunpetal Grove].
[20:41:00] Turn 2: Placebo
[20:41:02] Turn 3: Placebo
[20:41:03] Turn 4: Placebo
[20:41:05] Placebo plays [Cloudpost].
[20:41:06] Turn 5: Placebo
[20:41:08] Placebo casts [Floriferous Vinewall].
[20:41:09] Placebo puts triggered ability from [Floriferous Vinewall] onto the stack (When Floriferous Vinewall enters the battlefield, look at the top six cards of your library. You m...).
[20:41:11] Placebo reveals [Wooded Bastion] with [Floriferous Vinewall]'s ability.
[20:41:13] Placebo has conceded from the game.
[20:41:13] Placebo loses the game.
[20:41:13] Placebo has lost connection to the game.
Game 1 Completed.