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[Time] 1659667348
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[05:42:29] Triunfo joined the game.
[05:42:29] Garcia_Edu joined the game.
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[05:42:45] Triunfo chooses to play first.
[05:42:48] Triunfo begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[05:42:51] [CHAT] Triunfo: gl hf
[05:45:46] Garcia_Edu begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[05:45:46] Turn 1: Triunfo
[05:45:46] Triunfo skips their draw step.
[05:45:50] Triunfo plays [Temple of Enlightenment].
[05:45:52] Triunfo puts triggered ability from [Temple of Enlightenment] onto the stack (When Temple of Enlightenment enters the battlefield, scry 1.).
[05:46:45] Triunfo puts 1 card on the bottom of their library.
[05:46:45] Triunfo scrys 1.
[05:46:46] Turn 1: Garcia_Edu
[05:47:10] Garcia_Edu plays [Darkmoss Bridge].
[05:47:12] Turn 2: Triunfo
[05:47:19] Triunfo plays [Island].
[05:47:21] Triunfo casts [Ponder].
[05:47:37] Triunfo chooses to not shuffle their library.
[05:47:37] Triunfo draws a card with [Ponder].
[05:47:40] Turn 2: Garcia_Edu
[05:47:41] [CHAT] Garcia_Edu: i m gonna leave
[05:47:44] [CHAT] Garcia_Edu: gg
[05:47:49] Garcia_Edu has conceded from the game.
[05:47:49] Garcia_Edu has lost connection to the game.
Winner: Triunfo
Game 1 Completed.