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[04:56:28] IronMyrs chooses to play first.
[League] Now With 32 Percent More Spice by ironmyrs (179940) vs Ally! by shizleboy (179915)
[04:56:31] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD] Good luck in your League match!
[04:56:32] [CHAT] shizleboy: glhf
[04:56:54] [CHAT] IronMyrs: Dang it
[04:57:39] [CHAT] IronMyrs: Forgot to change decks
[04:57:47] [CHAT] shizleboy: np
[04:57:49] IronMyrs has conceded from the game.
[04:57:49] IronMyrs has lost connection to the game.
Winner: shizleboy
Game 1 Completed.