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[League] Ensoul Jokulhaups by kapital-mouse (165051) vs Izzet Dragons by uglynakedguy (165967)
[09:00:04] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD] Good luck in your League match!
[09:00:04] [CHAT] kapital-mouse: gl hf -- a new player so sorry for any slow play
[09:00:11] kapital-mouse chooses to play first.
[09:00:16] kapital-mouse begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[09:00:23] [CHAT] uglynakedguy: oh shit i used wrong deck
[09:00:33] [CHAT] kapital-mouse: RIP
[09:00:35] [CHAT] uglynakedguy: do u mind requeue?
[09:00:36] [CHAT] kapital-mouse: sure
[09:00:45] uglynakedguy has conceded from the game.
Winner: kapital-mouse
Game 1 Completed.
[09:00:55] kapital-mouse has left the game.