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[Time] 1642203699
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[01:41:39] Blomd joined the game.
[League] Azorius Control by blomd (166003) vs Orzhov by nukakola (166007)
[01:41:42] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD] Good luck in your League match!
[01:41:45] Nukakola chooses to play first.
[01:42:24] Nukakola begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[01:42:27] Blomd mulligans to six cards.
[01:42:34] Blomd puts a card on the bottom of their library and begins the game with six cards in hand.
[01:42:34] Turn 1: Nukakola
[01:42:37] Nukakola skips their draw step.
[01:42:41] Nukakola plays [Razortide Bridge].
[League] Invalid Match
[01:42:41] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD][sR] Razortide Bridge was not on a submitted league decklist. This is not a league match.
[01:42:45] Turn 1: Blomd
[01:42:47] Blomd plays [Island].
[01:43:22] Turn 2: Nukakola
[01:43:27] Nukakola plays [Plains].
[01:43:28] Nukakola casts [Silent Gravestone].
[01:43:29] [CHAT] Blomd: ? not a league?
[01:44:18] Blomd has conceded from the game.
Winner: Nukakola
Game 1 Completed.
[01:44:22] Nukakola has left the game.