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[05:10:02] Gobojr joined the game.
[05:10:02] bowey joined the game.
[League] Netdecked Zombies by gobojr (161979) vs Zombies by bowey (162003)
[05:10:04] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD] Good luck in your League match!
[05:10:09] [CHAT] Gobojr: hello!
[05:10:10] [CHAT] Gobojr: glhf
[05:10:13] Gobojr chooses to play first.
[05:10:23] [CHAT] bowey: do u know if u can get 1 ticket for finishing 5 matches more than once?
[05:10:30] [CHAT] Gobojr: i dont believe so
[05:10:32] [CHAT] bowey: or how does that work? 1 ticket monthly? for 5 games win or lose?
[05:10:39] [CHAT] bowey: damn so just once? ok thanks
[05:10:42] [CHAT] bowey: da.mn
[05:10:44] [CHAT] Gobojr: im really not sure im pretty new to the format
[05:10:52] Gobojr mulligans to six cards.
[05:10:55] [CHAT] bowey: what if u win like 4 and lose 1
[05:11:03] [CHAT] bowey: do u get tickets for that or how else do u get tickets haha
[05:11:05] bowey begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[05:11:21] Gobojr puts a card on the bottom of their library and begins the game with six cards in hand.
[05:11:21] Turn 1: Gobojr
[05:11:21] Gobojr skips their draw step.
[05:11:23] Gobojr plays [Swamp].
[05:11:25] Gobojr casts [Dark Ritual].
[05:11:29] Gobojr casts [Archghoul of Thraben].
[05:11:36] [CHAT] bowey: i did a turn one dark ritual play last gamer
[05:11:45] [CHAT] bowey: and my enemy made the creature go to my hand instantly
[05:11:53] [CHAT] bowey: i have no idea this meta.. ur gonna win im likely to concede
[05:12:09] [CHAT] Gobojr: i know it said something about for your first full 5 match league and then i believe you can get them for doing well in some of the tournaments as well as at the end of the season if you were high ranked in leagues
[05:12:18] [CHAT] Gobojr: yeah its a bit of a learning curve
[05:12:31] [CHAT] Gobojr: luckily im not playing channel or high tide
[05:12:36] Turn 1: bowey
[05:12:42] [CHAT] bowey: not that i even noe what that is lol
[05:12:43] [CHAT] Gobojr: those are some of the combo decks you have to watch out for
[05:12:47] bowey plays [Swamp].
[05:12:52] [CHAT] bowey: so shud i play them? lolol
[05:12:55] bowey casts [Carnophage].
[05:13:05] [CHAT] bowey: whats the maximum amount of games u can play?
[05:13:08] [CHAT] bowey: its real confusing to me...
[05:13:14] [CHAT] bowey: how the prizes and everything works sigh
[05:13:28] [CHAT] Gobojr: you can play as many as you want for the leagues and the tourneys theyre free to enter
[05:13:35] [CHAT] Gobojr: like i said im not 100% on how the prizes work
[05:13:41] Turn 2: Gobojr
[05:13:43] Gobojr plays [Swamp].
[05:13:46] Gobojr casts [Graveyard Marshal].
[05:13:46] [CHAT] bowey: do u play in toyrnamewnts?
[05:13:52] Turn 2: bowey
[05:13:53] bowey puts triggered ability from [Carnophage] onto the stack (At the beginning of your upkeep, tap Carnophage unless you pay 1 life.).
[05:13:59] [CHAT] bowey: are the tournaments anything like the LEAGUE? which is like all month long or
[05:14:29] [CHAT] Gobojr: the tournaments take place on specific days, i havent had a chance to play in one yet but nah they only last for the one day
[05:14:30] bowey casts [Dark Ritual].
[05:14:37] [CHAT] Gobojr: im not sure how long for the day but its just that day
[05:14:39] bowey casts [Graveyard Marshal].
[05:14:48] bowey casts [Dread Fugue] targeting Gobojr.
[05:14:52] Gobojr discards [Dark Salvation].
[05:14:52] Gobojr reveals their hand to [Dread Fugue], containing [Swamp].
[05:15:11] Turn 3: Gobojr
[05:15:20] bowey is being attacked by [Graveyard Marshal].
[05:15:30] [Carnophage] blocks [Graveyard Marshal].
[05:15:35] Gobojr puts triggered ability from [Archghoul of Thraben] onto the stack (Whenever Archghoul of Thraben or another Zombie you control dies, look at the top card of your lib...).
[05:15:41] [CHAT] bowey: oops
[05:15:42] Gobojr puts a card into their graveyard with Archghoul of Thraben's ability.
[05:15:43] [CHAT] bowey: sigh
[05:15:45] Gobojr plays [Swamp].
[05:15:52] [CHAT] bowey: alright u win
[05:15:55] [CHAT] Gobojr: oops didnt mean to throw that in the grave lol
[05:15:57] [CHAT] bowey: i cnat even draw a land
[05:16:01] Turn 3: bowey
[05:16:02] [CHAT] bowey: gg
[05:16:04] [CHAT] Gobojr: yeah thats rough
[05:16:07] [CHAT] Gobojr: sorry homie
[05:16:07] bowey has conceded from the game.
[05:16:07] bowey has lost connection to the game.
Winner: Gobojr
Game 1 Completed.