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[Time] 1637865311
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[20:35:11] screwball joined the game.
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[20:35:19] martyvburen chooses to play first.
[20:35:24] martyvburen begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[20:35:26] screwball mulligans to six cards.
[20:35:33] screwball mulligans to five cards.
[20:35:36] screwball mulligans to four cards.
[20:36:02] screwball puts three cards on the bottom of their library and begins the game with four cards in hand.
[20:36:02] Turn 1: martyvburen
[20:36:10] [CHAT] screwball: hey shit
[20:36:19] [CHAT] screwball: I have this client bug where I cant use my number keys
[20:36:24] [CHAT] screwball: I will restart my client
[20:36:29] [CHAT] screwball: can you join again afterwards?
[20:36:39] [CHAT] martyvburen: Sure, if no other games going on.
[20:36:44] [CHAT] screwball: btw
[20:36:47] [CHAT] screwball: do you know that bug?
[20:36:51] [CHAT] martyvburen: Nope.
[20:36:53] [CHAT] screwball: or am I the only one experience it
[20:37:01] [CHAT] screwball: I have it all the time
[20:37:11] screwball has conceded from the game.
[20:37:11] screwball has lost connection to the game.
Winner: martyvburen
Game 1 Completed.