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Game 770053302

[Time] 1627678718
[League] Red Deck Wins by filo (144378) vs Korlesh Black by riotpatrice911 (144368)
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[00:04:21] riotpatrice911 puts 1 card on the bottom of their library.
[00:04:21] riotpatrice911 scrys 1.
[00:04:22] riotpatrice911 plays [Swamp].
[00:04:24] riotpatrice911 casts [Treasure Map].
[00:04:24] Turn 4: FILO
[00:04:30] riotpatrice911 is being attacked by [Earthshaker Khenra], [Rakdos Cackler], and [Stromkirk Noble].
[00:04:30] FILO puts triggered ability from [Stromkirk Noble] onto the stack (Whenever Stromkirk Noble deals combat damage to a player, put a +1/+1 counter on it.).
[00:04:31] FILO casts [Chain Lightning] targeting riotpatrice911.
[00:06:10] riotpatrice911 has conceded from the game.
Winner: FILO
Game 1 Completed.