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[01:51:09] [CHAT] Zyxus: hello glhf
[01:51:10] Zyxus chooses to play first.
[01:51:11] Starting mulligans...
[01:51:12] [CHAT] illuminatiswag: u2
[01:51:15] Zyxus begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[01:51:20] illuminatiswag begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[01:51:20] Turn 1: Zyxus
[01:51:21] Zyxus skips their draw step.
[01:51:22] Zyxus plays [Rootbound Crag].
[01:51:26] Turn 1: illuminatiswag
[01:51:30] illuminatiswag plays [Cloudpost].
[01:51:31] Turn 2: Zyxus
[01:51:36] Zyxus plays [Barbarian Ring].
[01:51:40] Zyxus casts [Edge of Autumn].
[01:51:49] Turn 2: illuminatiswag
[01:51:57] illuminatiswag plays [Glimmerpost].
[01:51:57] illuminatiswag puts triggered ability from [Glimmerpost] onto the stack (When Glimmerpost enters the battlefield, you gain 1 life for each Locus on the battlefield.).
[01:52:03] illuminatiswag casts [Silver Myr].
[01:52:05] Turn 3: Zyxus
[01:52:12] Zyxus plays [Raging Ravine].
[01:52:17] Zyxus casts [Stone Rain] targeting [Cloudpost].
[01:52:39] Turn 3: illuminatiswag
[01:52:46] illuminatiswag plays [Cloudpost].
[01:52:49] illuminatiswag casts [Silver Myr].
[01:52:51] Turn 4: Zyxus
[01:52:55] Zyxus plays [Haunted Fengraf].
[01:53:40] Zyxus casts [Lodestone Golem].
[01:53:49] Turn 4: illuminatiswag
[01:54:22] illuminatiswag casts [Arcum Dagsson].
[01:54:41] Turn 5: Zyxus
[01:54:54] Zyxus casts [Lightning Rift].
[01:55:05] Zyxus discards [Tranquil Thicket].
[01:55:05] Zyxus cycles [Tranquil Thicket].
[01:55:07] Zyxus puts triggered ability from [Lightning Rift] onto the stack targeting [Arcum Dagsson] (Whenever a player cycles a card, you may pay {1}. If you do, Lightning Rift deals 2 damage to any ...).
[01:55:20] illuminatiswag is being attacked by [Lodestone Golem].
[01:55:28] Turn 5: illuminatiswag
[01:55:40] illuminatiswag casts [Lodestone Golem].
[01:55:44] [CHAT] Zyxus: oh?
[01:55:46] Turn 6: Zyxus
[01:55:49] Zyxus plays [Mystifying Maze].
[01:56:04] Zyxus casts [Stone Rain] targeting [Cloudpost].
[01:56:17] Turn 6: illuminatiswag
[01:56:32] illuminatiswag casts [Copper Myr].
[01:56:46] Zyxus is being attacked by [Lodestone Golem].
[01:56:50] [Lodestone Golem] blocks [Lodestone Golem].
[01:56:57] Turn 7: Zyxus
[01:57:11] Zyxus casts [Search for Tomorrow].
[01:58:09] Zyxus casts [Tilling Treefolk].
[01:58:14] Zyxus puts triggered ability from [Tilling Treefolk] onto the stack targeting [Tranquil Thicket] (When Tilling Treefolk enters the battlefield, you may return up to two target land cards from your...).
[01:58:16] Zyxus returns [Tranquil Thicket] to its owner's hand with [Tilling Treefolk]'s ability.
[01:58:23] Turn 7: illuminatiswag
[01:58:31] illuminatiswag has conceded from the game.
Winner: Zyxus
Game 1 Completed.