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[Time] 1620083105
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[02:05:05] ThyShuffler joined the game.
[02:05:05] Getsugotenshou joined the game.
[League] Host doesn't have active run
[02:05:23] Getsugotenshou chooses to play first.
[02:05:41] [CHAT] ThyShuffler: Good Luck
[02:05:43] Getsugotenshou begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[02:05:47] ThyShuffler begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[02:05:47] Turn 1: Getsugotenshou
[02:05:55] Getsugotenshou skips their draw step.
[02:05:57] [CHAT] Getsugotenshou: gl hf
[02:05:59] Getsugotenshou plays [Temple of Deceit].
[02:06:00] Getsugotenshou puts triggered ability from [Temple of Deceit] onto the stack (When Temple of Deceit enters the battlefield, scry 1.).
[02:06:11] Getsugotenshou puts 1 card on top of their library.
[02:06:11] Getsugotenshou scrys 1.
[02:06:13] Turn 1: ThyShuffler
[02:06:20] ThyShuffler plays [Port Town].
[02:06:25] ThyShuffler casts [Thraben Inspector].
[02:06:32] ThyShuffler puts triggered ability from [Thraben Inspector] onto the stack (When Thraben Inspector enters the battlefield, investigate.).
[02:06:34] ribbonsofnight has started watching.
[02:06:41] ribbonsofnight has stopped watching.
[02:06:42] ThyShuffler's [Thraben Inspector] creates a Clue token.
[02:06:43] Turn 2: Getsugotenshou
[02:06:51] Getsugotenshou plays [Snow-Covered Swamp].
[02:06:53] Turn 2: ThyShuffler
[02:06:59] ThyShuffler plays [Snow-Covered Island].
[02:07:06] Getsugotenshou is being attacked by [Thraben Inspector].
[02:07:26] j_meka has started watching.
[02:07:36] [CHAT] j_meka: hey you two are playing the wrong ppl
[02:07:42] [CHAT] j_meka: please check discord for pairings
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[02:08:25] j_meka has stopped watching.
[02:08:48] Getsugotenshou has conceded from the game.
[02:08:48] Getsugotenshou has lost connection to the game.
Winner: ThyShuffler
Game 1 Completed.