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Game 760627390

[Time] 1619937620
[League] Abzan Control by exiszmb (133107) vs Goblin Cumbo by golosburn (133120)
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[09:40:27] exiszmb puts 1 card on the bottom of their library.
[09:40:29] exiszmb scrys 1.
[09:40:41] exiszmb casts [Bloodchief's Thirst] targeting [Birds of Paradise].
[09:40:42] Turn 3: GolosBurn
[09:40:49] GolosBurn casts [Orcish Lumberjack].
[09:40:51] GolosBurn plays [Dragonskull Summit].
[09:40:56] Turn 3: exiszmb
[09:41:05] exiszmb casts [Castigate] targeting GolosBurn.
[09:41:53] GolosBurn reveals their hand to [Castigate], containing [Pashalik Mons], [Goblin Matron], and [Goblin Matron].
[09:41:53] exiszmb plays [Temple of Silence].
[09:41:53] exiszmb puts triggered ability from [Temple of Silence] onto the stack (When Temple of Silence enters the battlefield, scry 1.).
[09:41:53] exiszmb puts 1 card on top of their library.
[09:41:53] exiszmb scrys 1.
[09:41:54] Turn 4: GolosBurn
[09:41:59] GolosBurn casts [Birds of Paradise].
[09:42:16] GolosBurn casts [Goblin Matron].
[09:42:18] GolosBurn puts triggered ability from [Goblin Matron] onto the stack (When Goblin Matron enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a Goblin card, reveal t...).
[09:42:37] GolosBurn reveals [Putrid Goblin].
[09:42:42] GolosBurn casts [Putrid Goblin].
[09:42:47] Turn 4: exiszmb