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[Time] 1614730007
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[11:06:48] Tashizm joined the game.
[League] Harness the Storm by silverandsight (124602) vs Sunny Side Up by tashizm (124618)
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[11:06:59] Tashizm chooses to play first.
[11:07:06] Tashizm begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[11:07:10] silverandsight begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[11:07:10] Turn 1: Tashizm
[11:07:12] Tashizm skips their draw step.
[11:07:13] Tashizm plays [Plains].
[11:07:15] Tashizm casts [Conjurer's Bauble].
[11:07:20] Turn 1: silverandsight
[11:07:26] silverandsight plays [Spikefield Cave].
[11:07:31] Turn 2: Tashizm
[11:07:34] Tashizm plays [Ghost Quarter].
[11:07:37] Tashizm casts [Elsewhere Flask].
[11:07:38] Tashizm puts triggered ability from [Elsewhere Flask] onto the stack (When Elsewhere Flask enters the battlefield, draw a card.).
[11:07:41] Tashizm draws a card with [Elsewhere Flask]'s ability.
[11:07:43] Turn 2: silverandsight
[11:07:46] silverandsight plays [Mountain].
[11:07:49] silverandsight casts [Incinerate] targeting Tashizm.
[11:07:53] Turn 3: Tashizm
[11:08:04] Tashizm casts [Conjurer's Bauble].
[11:08:06] Tashizm plays [Plains].
[11:08:09] Tashizm casts [Zuran Orb].
[11:08:11] Turn 3: silverandsight
[11:08:14] silverandsight has conceded from the game.
Winner: Tashizm
Game 1 Completed.
[11:08:28] silverandsight has left the game.