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[Time] 1613715091
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[17:11:32] stephonicle joined the game.
[17:11:32] JaredF joined the game.
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[17:11:38] [CHAT] stephonicle: gl hf :)
[17:11:41] stephonicle chooses to play first.
[17:11:41] [CHAT] JaredF: glhf
[17:11:49] stephonicle begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[17:11:53] JaredF mulligans to six cards.
[17:11:59] [CHAT] stephonicle: i used the wrong deck
[17:12:03] [CHAT] stephonicle: do you mnind restarting?
[17:12:07] [CHAT] JaredF: oh ye thats cool
[17:12:09] stephonicle has conceded from the game.
[17:12:09] stephonicle has lost connection to the game.
Winner: JaredF
Game 1 Completed.