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[Time] 1590216479
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[16:48:03] [CHAT] FinalVerb: nice name
[16:48:04] BlackBrotus chooses to play first.
[16:48:04] BlackBrotus chooses [Tymaret, the Murder King] as their commander.
[16:48:04] FinalVerb chooses [Will Kenrith] as their commander.
[16:48:29] BlackBrotus mulligans to six cards.
[16:48:31] FinalVerb begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[16:48:38] BlackBrotus puts a card on the bottom of their library and begins the game with six cards in hand.
[16:48:38] Turn 1: BlackBrotus
[16:48:39] BlackBrotus skips their draw step.
[16:48:43] BlackBrotus plays [Mountain].
[16:49:06] Turn 1: FinalVerb
[16:49:09] FinalVerb plays [Island].
[16:49:10] FinalVerb casts [Ponder].
[16:49:29] FinalVerb chooses to shuffle his or her library.
[16:49:29] FinalVerb draws a card with [Ponder].
[16:49:33] [CHAT] BlackBrotus: heh thanks
[16:49:45] Turn 2: BlackBrotus
[16:49:50] BlackBrotus plays [Swamp].
[16:50:02] BlackBrotus casts [Tymaret, the Murder King].
[16:50:23] Turn 2: FinalVerb
[16:50:27] FinalVerb plays [Island].
[16:50:57] Turn 3: BlackBrotus
[16:51:08] BlackBrotus casts [Goblin Bombardment].
[16:51:12] FinalVerb casts [Mana Drain] targeting [Goblin Bombardment].
[16:51:24] FinalVerb is being attacked by [Tymaret, the Murder King].
[16:51:30] FinalVerb has been dealt 2 total damage by BlackBrotus's commander, [Tymaret, the Murder King].
[16:51:33] Turn 3: FinalVerb
[16:51:34] FinalVerb puts triggered ability from [Mana Drain] onto the stack (At the beginning of your next main phase, add an amount of {C} to your mana pool equal to that spe...).
[16:51:41] FinalVerb casts [Brainstorm].
[16:51:44] FinalVerb draws three cards with [Brainstorm].
[16:51:55] FinalVerb casts [Coalition Relic].
[16:51:59] FinalVerb plays [Island].
[16:52:09] Turn 4: BlackBrotus
[16:52:15] [CHAT] BlackBrotus: bah mana GG
[16:52:21] BlackBrotus has conceded from the game.
Winner: FinalVerb
Game 1 Completed.
[16:52:24] BlackBrotus has left the game.