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[Time] 1583490634
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[League] Duplicate Pairing: 3c Turbo Gates by carmandor (68846) vs Lands Stuff by daviusminimus (68817)
[21:30:37] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD][sR] This is not a valid League pairing!
[21:30:37] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD][sR] You have both already played each other with these decks.
[21:30:40] Carmandor chooses to play first.
[21:30:45] [CHAT] daviusminimus: oh not valid league pairing?
[21:30:47] [CHAT] daviusminimus: cos we already played?
[21:30:57] [CHAT] Carmandor: no we already played with same decks
[21:31:03] [CHAT] daviusminimus: sorry
[21:31:06] [CHAT] Carmandor: np
[21:31:07] daviusminimus has conceded from the game.
[21:31:07] daviusminimus has lost connection to the game.
Winner: Carmandor
Game 1 Completed.